Welcome to our family farm. Our family, which includes Meui (pronounced me-you-we) and Chris (pronounced bird-man) along with our two young daughters Shekina and Nadine, lives in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California. Our entire farm is off the grid, which means we generate our own electricity with a water wheel and solar power. Our passion for growing and processing our own food has been a lifelong adventure. Our spices, spice blends and herbs reflect our desire to bring good flavor and good health to ALL FOODS AND ALL PEOPLE. The products we offer on this site are the result of over twenty years of experimenting with spices and spice blends.

The Pepper Forrest Spice Company began in British Columbia, Canada in 1992 and was certified organic for 15 years until our move to California. We still strongly maintain those practices in our growing, processing and storing of the spices. All our ingredients are grown by us or for us using organic methods as we process, blend and package everything ourselves on our farm. We make the spices in small batches to ensure freshness. All our ingredients are either dehydrated using passive solar heat or a low-burning wood stove in our custom-built drying room.

Thank you for visiting our farm through our website! We encourage your thoughts and ideas so please write to us, for we thoroughly enjoy communication with our customers. Food is our medicine and we wish you healthy, enjoyable meals always!

Sincerely, The Pepper Forrest Spice People